A million reasons to move

You often see stories announcing yet another Sydney suburb achieving an average property price of that magic one million dollars.  What makes a million dollar property? Well it can be different things in different places and certainly a million dollars buys you a lot more here in the Highlands compared to Sydney.

The foundations of property value are the same wherever you’re looking.  Location, block size and amenities are the key and I love watching the realisation dawn on the faces of Sydney tree changers when they see the scale of property their money will buy down here.

In the Highlands your block size can be measured in thousands of square metres rather than hundreds and rather than a 24 hour concierge and sea views, you could expect a private lake with jetty and no neighbours in sight.

Within the home itself for a million dollars in the Highlands you get the same high end finishes and designer features yet possibly on a grander or perhaps the better words is simply ‘bigger’ scale.

If you’d like 100 acres or more in the Southern Highlands perhaps with a pool, tennis court, horse facilities and a five bedroom house then you may need more than a million dollars but you’ll be getting a lot more property for your money.

And let’s be honest, a million dollars might be considered ‘average’ in property terms but it is still a great deal of money.  It’s no wonder that more and more people are finding a million reasons to head to the Highlands.

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