Are you curious?

With all the talk about the strength of the Sydney, and indeed the local, property market it’s hard not to be inquisitive. So have you ever wondered? What’s you place worth?


For some the idea of contacting a real estate agent to get a property appraisal is a little intimidating. Some believe it represents the first official step on the road to putting their property on the market and selling.

But it doesn’t have to be.

I’m happy to conduct an appraisal for property owners simply curious rather than serious about selling. I actually think it’s a smart move. In many cases a home is your biggest asset so it makes sense to stay abreast of its value. It can give you peace of mind and it can give you options. It doesn’t have to be about selling right now, it can be about planning for the future.

But as with all things in real estate it’s important to be honest.

I appreciate the honesty of homeowners letting me know they want a valuation but not necessarily a buyer. Knowing you’re not ready to sell won’t affect the valuation or the level of service, rather it will ensure my appraisal takes in longer term market factors and includes ideas on future potential.

As an agent I consider every appraisal valuable and every opportunity to view a property worthwhile because each one gives me deeper insight into the scope of property in the area.

So don’t be nervous. Calling for an appraisal doesn’t mean a commitment to sell or even a commitment to an agent. It does mean having an open and honest conversation about your property.

And what’s the harm in that!

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