Buying a House in Burradoo

If you’re talking about buying a house or property in the Southern Highlands you will quickly hear about Bowral and Burradoo. They are the most well known and historically regarded as the most prestigious suburban locations in the area.

So if you are curious or considering buying a property in Burradoo here are a few things it might help you to know.

• Burradoo is conveniently located close to the Bowral town centre. It is perhaps a bit far to walk with your weekly groceries in hand but certainly only a couple of minutes in the car into both Bowral and Moss Vale and within easy reach of sporting grounds, galleries, Bowral Hospital, schools and even Bowral Golf Course.

• Walking is a perfect past time for those who live in Burradoo as the streets are quiet, relatively flat and wonderfully lined with mature trees. For the more energetic runners and cycling enthusiasts Burradoo has several direct access laneways onto the bike path that extends along the Wingecarribee River from Bowral to Moss Vale.

• Homes located along the bike track with a rural outlook over the River and the rolling fields beyond, are among the most tightly held in the area and are generally snapped up quickly. So if you have your heart set on something like this property recently sold by McKillop, it is worth letting our team know so we can ensure you are the first to know as soon as one hits the market.

• Burradoo was originally sprinkled with large garden estates that might cover 10-20 acres but some recent very generous subdivisions have allowed room for additional newer properties that retain extraordinary space and privacy. Homes like this Burradoo home recently sold by McKillop Property:

• At the same time many significant historic homes remain lovingly updated to accommodate modern living that are set within expansive gardens like Mulberry Hill recently sold by McKillop Property ( or ‘Fallow Field’ an historic Burradoo home currently on the market.

• As much as I’d prefer not to give it any credibility I feel I should address reference to the term ‘Burradont’. It’s a tongue in cheek reference to the central division of Burradoo by Moss Vale Road. The Western side of the road is often referred to as ‘the Burradoo Golden Triangle’ as it includes many of the traditionally grand home estates. The Eastern side is subsequently sometimes cheekily called ‘Burradont’. My advice is to don’t take any notice of the term.
There are magnificent homes in picturesque streets on both sides of Burradoo. For example one side of Burradoo offers easy access to Chevalier College. The other side is a flat walk to Oxley College. One side is close to the Burradoo Railway Station, the other is close to Eridge Park Sports Ground. Both are leafy, quiet and share the fabulous facility that is the Burradoo Pony Club grounds….yes a pony club facility right in the centre of the suburb.

Our specialists at McKillop Property Bowral office can help you find the perfect property to buy in Burradoo. Don’t hesitate to give us a call. McKillop Property Bowral 02 4861 6090.

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