Communtiy value

When you’re looking at the value of a property the obvious things to look at are land and house size, quality of the block, quality of the house.  They are the simple things to put a dollar figure to, but one of the biggest drawcards for people looking to move to the Highlands is harder to value.  (read more)


Despite the popularity of the Highlands growing immeasurably over recent years with downsizers, tree changers, young families and retirees this area has retained a very strong sense of community.

You can see it at this time of year with events like the hugely popular Bowral Christmas Carols at Bradman Oval but all through the year villages from Burrawang, to Renwick, Exeter, Joadja and Robertson come together to host wonderful community events.

Then there are the music groups, the art clubs, gardening groups and sports clubs.

Many people I talk to who are looking to move to the Highlands are drawn initially by the opportunity for more space and less hassle that country life delivers but they are quickly overwhelmed by the welcome offered by our community.

It represents a very strong selling point for property in our area. 

When I meet with a new client I endeavour to get an understanding of what they are looking for in a property but also their broader interests so I can introduce them to the opportunities that exist in the Highlands. It helps potential buyers feel reassured they are not just buying a home but also a lifestyle in a thriving community.

There is real value in that.

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