Gardening Leaves

As the Highlands prepares for the influx of visitors eager to explore all the beauty Tulip Time has to offer those looking for a home should take heed of the hype around Spring gardens to consider how much time you want to leave aside for gardening.

A beautiful garden is undoubtedly an asset to any property.  I regularly speak with clients looking to relocate to the Highlands who place a ‘large garden’ as one of the top priorities on their wishlist. 

When I hear that request I generally ask those clients what level of gardening experience they have had to date.  It’s my job to help match the right property to the right client and to do that I believe it’s important to determine what potential buyers know about the practicalities and time required to maintain a large garden.

Certainly this is an area that attracts keen gardeners and we are lucky to be able to offer a wonderful selection of properties with amazing gardens and outdoor space.  Our climate is perfect for spending long days outside and working in the garden can be incredibly rewarding.

And just as different homes appeal to different people so will different gardens. Some are enormous; others not so large. Many in this area include varying lengths of hedging requiring varying degrees of pruning. There are those predominantly laid to lawn, others with overflowing garden beds.

The one thing they will all have in common is a requirement for ongoing maintenance which is something to consider as you determine which property is best for you.

For example if you are considering a weekender it could be worthwhile investigating a regular garden maintenance service so you don’t have to spend your time at the property always on the lawnmower.  As a garden lover it doesn’t mean you can’t get out and get your hands dirty but it might mean you can choose to do the fun bits! 

So as you wander through the numerous gardens open throughout Spring enjoy the spectacle but also appreciate the work that goes into achieving that beauty.  

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