Gold Medal Coaching

Have you noticed that when the Olympics are on we all seem to become experts? Despite not being regular spectators of pole vaulting, judo, gymnastics or diving we happily sit back and judge each jump, dive, spin, swim and run.  There is nothing wrong with that but I would hesitate to suggest anyone attempt a triple somersault off the 10 metre board without taking some advice from a professional. A real expert.

And so I think it is with selling a property. 

Many people enthusiastically watch the market and judge the performance of participants. There will be comment on properties that have been marketed well, over-priced and under-valued. There will also be comment on results that are considered bargains and brain explosions.

And don’t get me wrong, I believe it is incredibly useful, indeed essential, for those considering buying or selling to take a keen interest in what is going on. Keep watch on national market commentary but keep focussed on local market results to provide a foundation for your own property price expectations. As well as an understanding of what is available for your property budget.

But when you decide to move from being a spectator to taking the plunge, don’t do it on your own.  Because like breaking a record in the 100 metre sprint, watching and acting are two very different things. 

An experienced sales agent, like those at McKillop Property, will use their extensive experience of market movements and negotiating tactics, their insight into buyer behaviour together with their understanding of the legalities and practicalities of buying and selling property, to support the property goals of their clients.

Like a great coach the right agent will be prepared to talk the truth, give honest feedback and constructive criticism.  They won’t always tell you what you want to hear, but they will tell you what you need to know to get the result you want.

When you are looking to buy or sell, I strongly advise finding a professional and seeking the advice of a McKillop Property expert. Our team will help coach you through the process so you can achieve property gold.

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