Have you got the time?

I work with a wide variety of clients each with unique property requirements and budgets but the one thing all my clients have in common is a severe lack of time.  They are busy people with busy lives, and that’s even before they add on to their ‘to do’ list that inevitable extra layer of administration and organisation that comes with making the decision to buy or sell a property.

There is no doubt it can be a real juggle to manage everyday life together with the requirements that come with making good decisions about buying and selling property.  That’s why our team are always looking for new ways to support our clients; helping to streamline the process to save time and minimise stress.

But saving time should not be at the expense of thorough research and consideration of all the information available because buying and selling property is a significant financial decision.

Of course with mobile technology we now have access at our fingertips to virtually unlimited amounts of information.  That’s fabulous but it can also be frustrating. When time is precious you want the right information right away.

 McKillop is now delivering clients exactly the information they want as a direct webbook link sent to your phone via SMS.  

On McKillop Property listings in this and all future issues of Property Press, on our signboards and all property listing displays you will now see a simple instruction to SMS a unique word for each property to 0409 932 655.

Clients will immediately receive an SMS and with a single click, the unique property webbook is open, providing comprehensive property data, photographs, vendor tips and direct access to property contracts and property rental appraisals.

It’s a fast, no fuss way to access the information you want, when you want it, on your phone without having to trawl through layers of unnecessary gumpf.

Of course our team of agents remain ever ready to answer questions, line up inspections and discuss each property in more detail but we know that often clients want that initial information before the discussion. 

If you want to test out the system you can SMS ‘profit’ to 0409 932 655 for one of our free webbooks with tips for preparing your property for profit.

Go on. Give it a try.

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