Honestly, It’s my Job

Honesty1.jpgReal estate never involves small amounts of money. Buying a property is a big decision and it is an equally big decision to sell.  Whether a family home or an investment property the money invested and the potential to realise a significant financial gain is a big deal that can be both exciting and stressful.

It therefore makes sense to take time to evaluate who to entrust with the sale of your property.  So who do you trust and what do you want from your selling agent?

It appears obvious to think that vendors will seek the guidance and services of an expert to market and negotiate on their behalf to the most money available in the market for their property.

But it’s more than that.

It is my job as real estate agent to see the best a property has to offer and to highlight those points in a marketing campaign.

But no property is perfect. 

So it’s my job as a real estate agent to identify opportunities to turn a property negative into a positive.

It’s my job as a real estate agent to help potential buyers visualise solutions to any problems the property might have.

It’s also my job as a real estate to be honest, with buyers and vendors.  And that one can be the kicker.  Presenting a valuation or estimated selling price of a property can be a very delicate topic but it is a very, very important discussion between an agent and a vendor.

It’s my job as a real estate agent to tell a vendor what they need to hear which may not always be what they want to hear.

An estimated selling price should be based on fact. It should be based on comparable sales and comparable properties in comparable areas. It should not factor in emotions or attachments. It should not factor in historic costs but rather take into consideration true value in the current market.

When choosing an agent to sell a property vendors should look for honesty and look for success. I think vendors who do will soon find that those two things go hand-in-hand.

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