How Much is Enough?

Feeling swamped?  Ever wonder if there will ever be enough hours in the day to get through your list of ‘must do’ jobs and still have some time and energy left for the ‘would like to’ activities?

I know that sounds a bit like one of those ads on television that finish by offering you a ‘free set of steak knives’ but jokes aside there is no doubt life today is hectic for everyone.  We are connected and contactable no matter where we are or what we are doing and that can be both exhausting and overwhelming.

So how do you determine what to take in and what to ignore?  How to avoid inbox overload at the same time as not miss out on useful information?

It’s a question every business needs to consider and it is certainly something out team keeps top of mind at all times. We carefully monitor the level of electronic communications we distribute and are mindful of the individual preferences of our clients.

At McKillop Property our aim is to be informative.  Our communications are considered rather than simply a ‘must do’ task which we believe can very quickly become annoying for the sender and the recipient. 

We stay in touch via email newsletters to help keep our carefully managed client database in the loop with all that is happening in the local Southern Highlands property market.  We recognise that not all our clients want to hear from us every week and we want to ensure any communication from McKillop Property is considered valuable. 

Whilst many of our clients are not actively seeking a property to buy or looking to sell but we are conscious they remain interested in the state of the local market and keen to stay abreast of new listings.

So if that sounds like you feel free to join our mailing list.  You will get enough information to keep you up-to-date but not so much as to drown you in unnecessary detail.

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