Negotiating Great Outcomes

Across the Southern Highlands there continues to be an undersupply of properties on the market to meet continuing strong local demand.  You will see evidence of that fact in the pages of this paper.  Our team of agents have buyers keenly waiting on every new and potential listing that might meet their property demands.

In the Southern Highlands market right now we have buyers who are very keen to secure the right property.  At the same time we have savvy vendors aware of the lack of supply and who are keen to capitalise on that demand and secure top dollar results. In the middle managing the negotiations and expectations of both those parties, is the real estate agent.

I recognise that when the market is booming there are many who think that a ‘property can sell itself’.  I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that I disagree.  The local property market is booming now and I believe the work of dedicated, experienced real estate agents, like those in the McKillop Property team, are more important and valuable now than ever before.

That’s because the negotiations required to secure the best possible deal in the current market are incredibly delicate.

Vendor expectations are high, there is nothing wrong with that, but it is important that they are not unrealistic.  Buyer demand is strong but it is important to realise buyers are still being very careful not to get carried away and spend too far (if at all) over their budget.

It is all about getting the negotiations right. Our agents understand and manage vendor expectations and buyer budget limitations. Through their negotiations they work to match the two in order to achieve the best outcome for the vendor without pushing too hard and potentially losing the buyer. 

Experienced agents are able to explain to vendors the danger of expecting too much and to vendors the danger of offering too little.

It is high stakes, high pressure and high stress for buyers and vendors.  A good agent helps minimise those factors for both those parties to maximise their satisfaction and achieve the right outcome.

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