Open doors to good service

It might be considered old fashioned but I consider it polite to open doors for people.  It’s a small act of good manners that I believe can make a big difference.  I’m also pleased to say that our team of property managers and sales agents aim to open the door to every possibility on behalf of our clients.

I think it represents a vital element of being a good real estate agent:  Good service.   And obviously I’m not the only one who thinks that because you may notice that nearly every agent in every town and suburb across the country claim they offer the best service in town!

Service can mean different things to different people and it manifests itself in different ways across different industries.

So I thought I’d give you an idea of what I believe constitutes good service in real estate. 

  1. Prompt communication – we’re in a high stakes game so you shouldn’t have to wait to hear back from an agent when you have a query. That applies to buyers and vendors and it applies to email and phone calls.
  2. Regular communication – this is particularly important in relation to property vendors. You should expect a call from your agent promptly after every inspection.  You should also expect a regular email report on the progress of the marketing campaign so you have it in writing.
  3. Set and forget – this is a tricky one because it really becomes an issue if a property doesn’t rent or sell within the initial campaign timeframe.  A property isn’t something you put ‘out there’ and hope it sells ie set and forget.  The longer a property is listed the harder an agent should be working. If weeks turn into months your agent needs to stay in touch and let you know the different strategies they are trying to create a sale opportunity.
  4. Tell it like it is – a no brainer but it can be a challenge to tell the truth when it isn’t what the client wants to hear.  However that’s the job of a good agent and to do anything else is a critical disservice.

I recognise you might have other ideas and experiences which I’d love to hear.  I’d like to think our team do a great job providing great service but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn and I’m open to any suggestions that can help us do things even better!

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