Pockets of fame

Within every suburb in every city you will find pockets of property that attract a definition all of their own.   They’re references that may bewilder newcomers but, just like the reputation of a famous actor will draw interest in a film, the right pocket in the right area can add real value to a property.

In Bowral there is Burradoo and within that there is the ‘golden triangle’.  Then there is ‘Old Bowral’ and ‘The Gib’ and for rural properties Kangaloon and Sutton Forest hold a definite degree of distinction.

That reputation comes predominantly as a result of history which traditionally offers prestigious large homes on enormous garden blocks.  But it doesn’t mean there aren’t great homes and great deals in other areas of the Highlands.  It doesn’t mean other areas aren’t equally beautiful, valuable and distinguished, and in many instances growing exponentially in demand. 

Take East Bowral: A comparatively new suburb that is tightly held and in high demand.  I anticipate the same to come for Renwick which is already generating very strong interest.  At the same time there are some exciting new opportunities opening up in Old Bowral.  Vacant blocks are a rare blank canvas to create a unique new build nestled amongst the older homes and gardens and we have a select few available now.

So it’s important to remember the Highlands as a whole has a wonderfully classy reputation that successfully fuels interest across all areas.

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