Right now is the right time

It is not just the leaves rapidly disappearing from sight across the Southern Highlands at the moment, it is also properties available for sale. Listings are as low as we have ever seen them.

That’s great news for those vendors who have taken the plunge and listed their property for sale because buyers are in the market. Buyers are looking for properties to purchase and they are prepared to pay for good value.

In such a strong market, I’m not sure why vendors continue to hold back.  Their reluctance to list and the subsequent shortage of property available is fuelling very solid competition amongst buyers. We anticipate the cut in interest rates will further fuel buyer activity over the coming weeks and months.  It means prospects remain very healthy for continuing strong demand.

It all points to now being the right time to list and sell.  The opportunity exists to achieve a great result and our team are certainly doing that for clients with many properties selling within a week of going on the market.

It is also important to remember whilst buyers are ready to be competitive, properties need to be priced to reflect their true value in order to gain traction.  Set an inflated sale price and there is a very real chance you will scare buyers off who would ordinarily be prepared to pay a fair price.

It is a delicate balance to negotiate the best possible price; the foundation to those negotiations is understanding the true value of the property in the current market conditions.

The dynamic team at McKillop Property are experts at valuing and negotiating the right price for your property and right now is the right time to list. 

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