Spring clean in winter

It’s only a month until Spring so if you have been toying with the idea of listing your property when the weather starts to warm up then it’s time to get cracking.  That’s right, you need to do your Spring cleaning in Winter!

And no matter how spick and span your home is, if you’re going to put it on the market then you do have to set aside the time to give it an overhaul. When you’re selling your property needs more than just a clean floor.

It’s about tackling those jobs you never quite got around to doing or perhaps finishing because life got in the way.

Take a walk around your home and garden.  Perhaps the door into the laundry is jammed, a handle has come off the cutlery drawer, the back fence is a bit rickety or the garage no longer fits your car because you’re storing furniture for a friend.  Maybe the outside awning is ripped, the guttering might be drooping or the steps from the back deck are a little wobbly.

They’re all little things that might be annoying but they haven’t impacted your life enough to quite get around to doing. 

Well now is the time.  There is no group more sensitive to ‘the little things’ than potential buyers who can be hypersensitive to any fault in the property.

Walk around your property and write a list. Ideally do it on your own, then get your partner to do the same thing and call one of our agents to give you an honest critique.   The key is to make sure you notice all those little things.

Once you have the list determine if you have the DIY skills and time required to get the jobs done.  I also recommend calling in a handyman for a quote.  You may find the right provider can get everything done in one or two stress-free days, including painting over the water marks in the corner from when the roof tile cracked.

You might be surprised how easy and cost-effective it is to tackle all the jobs at once. You might also be surprised at what a difference it makes to your home and I bet you find yourself wondering why you didn’t do it months ago!!

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Life does get in the way of our best intentions but if you are planning on selling in Spring now is the time to act.

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