Style Not Sterile

Styling1.jpgBuying a property is a big decision which is why you might be surprised how often it is the small things that make the big difference.

Of course location, price and size are the foundations of any property search, and savvy buyers will allow even those to be a little flexible in the search for a great buy.

It is very impressive to realise how professional home buyers have become. These days the heartstrings attached to finding a new home are not as strong as the drive to make a good financial investment. Those buyers will work to find the right property at the right price with the right potential for capital growth.

But it isn’t always just about the numbers.

One of the nicest things about showing property is seeing that unexpected, purely emotional response to a home which can surprise and overwhelm even the most businesslike of buyers.

It certainly doesn’t happen every time, but it is magic when it does.

And it is usually the little things that evoke such a dramatic response. It might be a specific rose over a doorframe, a chair beside a fireplace or a view from the kitchen sink. It might be daffodils from the garden in a vase at the front door. It might simply be the colour of the front door! It is always different and to be honest it is rarely what I anticipate. It’s personal and unpredictable which is why it is so fantastic.

It is also why styling a property correctly is so important, but don’t go too far. Clean up, fix up and freshen up, but be careful that in doing so the property doesn’t lose the sense of ‘home’ that has warmth and character. It’s okay to have some family pictures on display and kids toys in the lounge room, just make sure they’re neat and not overwhelming.

You’re aiming for style not sterile and the small touches can make a big difference. Believe me.

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