Sub-Developing Potential

Have you noticed just how much residential building is taking place across the Highlands at the moment?

Now I will admit that my research is anecdotal rather than scientific but it does seem like there are builders busy all over town.  It is activity fuelled by the low interest rate environment with demand as strong to build a dream home as it is to buy a dream home.

It’s also a very practical demonstration of the incredibly high demand for vacant blocks in the established residential areas of our region. 

I mentioned in a column I wrote for the Sydney Morning Herald earlier this year that many of the large traditional garden estates are being successfully subdivided. Property owners are taking advantage of the strong market and meeting demand for good sized blocks in established residential suburbs.

The idea of undertaking a subdivision can be daunting but if done well it can be very, very financially rewarding because, as I have said, good blocks are always in great demand.  In particular those offering land size of over an acre sell fast as they allow space for a substantial home as well as plenty of room for a garden and pool. 

At McKillop we have experts in residential developments who can provide advice about the process and then be ready to secure worry free sales.  We know that subdivisions are rarely short-term, quick turn-around projects but our team understand the value in taking the time to get it right. So if you are wondering if your block might have potential give me a call.

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