I know there can be nothing more boring than talk of superannuation. It can be complicated and tedious, but before you doze off stay with me for a moment because if you get it right your superannuation can help get you onto the investor property ladder. That’s exciting and definitely worth staying awake for!

I’m not going to advise you on exactly how to purchase a property using your Self Managed Super Fund.  You need expert financial advice for that but as a real estate agent I have seen the advantages available to investors using their super to purchase a property.

If you have a Self Managed Super Fund it really is worth looking into even though it is important to realise you cannot use your Fund to purchase a property in which you want to live, or even use as a holiday home.

But that isn’t a problem in The Highlands where the investor market is already strong because the strength of the rental market delivers very healthy returns.  This area is incredibly popular as a destination for people looking for a life change and those people often look for temporary accommodation while they search for their forever home, making demand for quality rental accommodation very strong. 

Using a Self Managed Super Fund to buy an investment property and tap into that rental demand can make real financial sense.  If you want more information McKillop has prepared a guide to give you an idea of exactly what is involved.  Text DREAM to 0428 427 567 to receive your free copy or drop into one of our offices.

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