Team Success

Ricky-Ponting-2003-007.jpgThe temperature is rising and it feels like Summer really has arrived, especially now cricket is back on the radio.  I’ve been thinking that achieving success in real estate is a bit like cricket: it often looks like the best results are founded on the efforts of an individual player when the reality is very different. 

Let me explain.  A David Warner century for the Aussies is sensational, a double-century is amazing, but to secure victory the whole team has a role to play. They must all work together driven by a common quest, not for individual glory, but rather for team success.

Real estate is equally reliant on strong teamwork.

Sure individual agents work hard to build their database of contacts and to foster broad awareness of their name, success and listings. They might be the most high profile players on the team but the best agents acknowledge the important contribution made by the whole team and all are motivated by combined success not competition between members.

A real estate team will include an expert photographer with the vision to showcase the property, marketing experts with the contacts and organisation to roll out an advertising schedule, as well as a professional sales administration support to help ensure no stone is left unturned in the quest to find the right buyer willing to pay the right price for each listing.

That is certainly the philosophy we foster at McKillop. Working together as a team we can achieve better results and deliver better service for our clients.

So we are excited to welcome two new members to our team.  Genevieve LaPlanche and Scarlett LaPlanche are sisters with a shared passion for property and commitment to quality service.  Whilst they are relative newcomers to the Highlands they are certainly not new to the business of real estate, bringing with them great Sydney experience and buying contacts. 

Together we’re all looking forward to a hot Summer of cricket and a hot property market.  Go team!

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