The Great Aussie Dream

There is no doubt this country has an ongoing obsession with property.  We discuss it with the fervency of a religion and it can be a topic as controversial as politics at a dinner party.  But while that intense obsession with property has never faltered, I wonder if the great Aussie dream changed over time?01.jpg

The traditional Aussie dream was a quarter acre block with a hills hoist and a garage with room for the car and the lawnmower.  Certainly many people still seek that idyll with new developments like Renwick and property within East Bowral in high demand and always tightly held.  They offer   beautiful modern homes with plenty of internal space for the family and fabulous private outdoor living. 

Importantly suburbs like Renwick have also been designed to provide extraordinary community facilities like bike paths, playgrounds, shaded parks and playing fields.  Those shared outdoor areas create a sense of community and add huge value to homes within the area.

At the same time many people come to the Southern Highlands to pursue a more rural Aussie dream.  They’re searching for a farm.  Not necessarily paddocks to plough but they are looking for acres large enough to accommodate the family plus a pony or two, a motorbike, some chickens and maybe even some cows or alpacas!  They are looking for space within easy reach of good schools, easy shopping and great coffee.

The Highlands is a dream destination for just that property search.  Not too big, not too small and never too far away from one of the many local villages, there really are options for everyone.   From impressive properties with every farm convenience already considered, to a charming block ready for someone to create their own canvas.  Our team has listings that showcase them all.

But there are also a lot of people, across all demographics, seeking smaller, townhouse and unit accommodation with the Highlands community.  Small but perfectly formed properties offering low maintenance and a manageable mortgage are in very, very high demand. Listings are scarce which is why they move fast. 

The fact is the great Aussie dream is still firmly founded on the idea of owning a property.  There is a uniform desire to own your own home, but from what I see each day as clients enter our office that is where the uniformity ends.   Every buyer is looking for something a little bit different. Luckily the Highlands has endless variety to offer and our team work hard to match the property to the dream.

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