The Importance of Education

Our team recently had the honour of hosting a fundraising lunch with extraordinary Highlands resident Annabelle Chauncy, co-founder of The School For Life Foundation, who spoke with journalist Georgie Gardner about her belief in education as a means to create change and in doing so change lives.

Annabelle is an extraordinary young woman who demonstrates the power of the people and the reality that from our homes in the beautiful Southern Highlands we do still have the opportunity to make a difference.

I think Annabelle’s views on the importance of education resonate strongly within the Highlands community, with many young families moving to the area because of the wonderful variety of both public and private schools available in this area.

The Southern Highlands offers an amazing quality of life with beautiful landscapes and properties showcased throughout the four distinct seasons together with quality retail, community and health services. However another key requirement for families is access to quality education for their children as it represents such a significant foundation to positive growth and development.

And the Highlands has a wealth of quality education providers who each work hard to create a wonderfully diverse educational community catering to children of all ages across the Highlands. 

From the highly regarded larger public schools in each village through to the unique collaboration that exists to link the public Small Schools community, the Southern Highlands Independent Primary Schools association, as well as the collaborations between the private and public high schools in the Highlands, ensure our children have access to a tight-knit, supportive educational community.

The education opportunities available across the Highlands are incredibly valuable.  The true value of education was amplified by Annabelle when she highlighted that a donation of just $600 to The School for Life will provide a child with access to a quality education at their purpose built Katuuso Primary School in Uganda, together with three nutritious meals, fresh water and healthcare for a year. 

If you would like to support the work of Annabelle and The School for Life Foundation visit their website at

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