The increasing rate of interest

I know there has already been a huge amount of talk and commentary on the impact of the historically low interest rate environment we are experiencing but it is impossible to overstate the importance of that move on the property market.

Quite simply it highlights the strength of the current market.  Some may still worry that low interest rates reflect a fragile economy but our buyers are seizing the unprecedented access to fabulous finance and taking the opportunity to secure a property.

There is a huge level of interest in both residential and rural properties across all regions in the Highlands.

Prices are strong.  Buyers are out there but they’re still being cautious not to over-extend themselves. The low interest rate environment is certainly providing more flexibility and the option to lock in a good rate provides a level of long term confidence.

Potential vendors take note. Now is a great time to offer your property to those buyers.

Now at the same time I recognise that incredible market strength does have the potential to make some buyers nervous.  Over recent months I have spoken to clients keen to hold off until things ‘cool off’, determined not to be lured into buying ‘at the top’ of the cycle. 

I understand that approach but it’s assuming the local market is out of control and delivering crazy prices.  Good prices, yes. Crazy prices, no.  And that’s a good thing. 

Right now the Southern Highlands property market really is in a magic place where there is opportunity for both vendors and buyers to get a great deal. 

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