The lessons of tennis

It seems a little odd to realise a majority of conversations about Wimbledon this week have focussed as much on ‘respect’ and off-court politeness as they have on-court form and winning points. It is a timely reminder that manners really do matter in sport, in life and certainly in business regardless of whether you are playing tennis in the backyard with your mates or on the world stage at Wimbledon.

That is certainly the approach our team takes when it comes to delivering service to our clients.  Great service, impeccable manners and respect are the foundation to every business relationship our staff forms with every client we come into contact with.

And just like tennis, it doesn’t matter if we are working with a vendor of a $5 million property or a vendor of a $500,000 property the level of service will be the same. So too for buyers with a budget of $700,000 or $7 million our determination to introduce our clients to the best property options available in their budget range will be unparalleled.

I must admit I have found the debate around the behaviour of the players at Wimbledon interesting.  Some commentators have argued that a level of arrogance is a pre-requisite to becoming the best in any competitive arena.

I disagree.  I don’t believe that success requires you to be ruthless and in particular I don’t believe the business of real estate has to be cut-throat.  Even when the market is booming and when negotiations need to be tough there is always room for respect and there is no excuse for rudeness.  I think that was proved on court at Wimbledon this week.

Our aim at McKillop is to provide all clients with premium service and great results.  Like Roger Federer we believe we can do that best by employing the highest level of dignity, honesty and respect for our colleagues and clients.

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