Time to consider

When we consider people seeking a tree change it is easy to believe that after the decision is made to move the automatic next step is to purchase a property. However it is often not that straightforward.

Undoubtedly a decision to move to a new area is a big one. It won’t have been made on a whim and certainly not in a hurry as people work through the positives, negatives and implications of setting up a new life in a new area.  It can be scary but I have never met a client who is not excited at the prospect of a life in the Southern Highlands.

This is a wonderful area offering a wonderfully diverse range of properties and locations.  It can be hard to choose exactly where to live so the first step for many people is to rent rather than buy. They are looking for time to consider.  Renting allows that time to get the feel of everyday practical living in the area. To explore what is available and what will and won’t work in terms of location, size and facilities. 

What that means for the local property market is consistent demand for rental accommodation. It presents a great opportunity for investors to tap into good rental returns to service their investment.

If you drop in to talk to our Property Management team they will explain that family friendly and pet friendly rentals are highly sought after. Functional, clean homes that will provide a comfortable base at a reasonable price while people look for their perfect forever home to purchase.

Budget is important in the rental market.  If you are thinking of investing our sale team can help you locate the perfect property that will generate the best rental return.

It is a great time to invest so give us a call if you would like more information.

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