Weather expectations

With the market still holding strong now is a great time to list with our team achieving great results for our clients, but there remains a danger of disappointment if realistic expectations are not set.

Take for example the weather.  Remember the weekend before last?  Our entire district, indeed much of the state, was waiting with eager anticipation the onset of the ‘arctic blast’ that we were told would certainly deliver an icy blanket of snow across our region.

Despite all the hype it didn’t happen and both children and adults alike were left disappointed that their expectations were not met.  It doesn’t always happen as predicted even with the best experts and analysis and science on the job. 

The same can happen in the property market.  It is a hot market but as I have said many times before, buyers are still being cautious.  The opportunity is there to secure a good price but it is important to recognise the value in being realistic rather than over-optimistic.

Being realistic about the value of your property doesn’t eliminate the potential to achieve above expectation. Our team are experts at determining the right market value and negotiating to achieve the best possible outcome. However being realistic about the value of your property does minimise the potential for disappointment.

Again a good example is the weather. After the disappointment of the weekend prior, the Highlands awoke to an amazing blanket of snow on Friday morning. We had anticipated a cold weekend but had lowered our expectations for snow.

It was a truly unexpected delight to discover such an extraordinary snowfall. I can’t remember ever seeing it so heavy and thick! It was beautiful and perhaps all the more magic because it was unexpected.

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