What can we learn?

This week marks the start of another school year.  We pack the kids up and send them off to learn with words of wisdom, encouragement and caution. It’s worth considering that many of those sentiments can also apply to buying and selling property.  Want to know more?  (read more)

Be open to new ideas

Anyone looking to purchase a property will have a ‘wish list’. Hopefully they’ll have the list divided into columns:  ‘must have’ and ‘would like to have’.  It’s crucial to have a clear idea of what you need and want but I think it’s also important for buyers to remain open to possibility.

For example be prepared to look at properties that might lie outside your chosen area.  Perhaps be prepared to look at properties that require some work.  If you have a good relationship with your Agent then be prepared to give them some room to move in what they show you.  They won’t be looking to waste your time or theirs by showing you completely random places, but don’t be too strict about your criteria and you might be surprised! 

Be brave but sensible

Buying and selling property is a big commitment.  There is big money involved and the results can be life changing.  It can be a big step to buy a first home, a first investment property or to sell a family home.  Just like starting a new school it can be scary but with the right guidance to help make good, sensible choices the outcomes are worth it.

Listen to experience but don’t be afraid to question

We all tell our children to respect their teachers and to listen.  Teachers have the wisdom, knowledge and experience and it’s their job to share that with their students. 

Like a good teacher a good real estate agent knows the areas in which they work, knows the state of the market and has the experience to negotiate good deals on behalf of their clients.  So take the time to listen to their advice.

But just as kids can learn from being prepared to challenge their teachers so too can it be valuable to challenge your agent.  Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions and seek more information.

Have fun

Good luck to all the parents out sending your children off to school this week. The Highlands is incredibly lucky to have such a great selection of schools and wonderful teachers based in this area.  I hope it’s an exciting term full of adventure. I certainly anticipate the next few months will be exciting for McKillop Property and the local market as we open the door to so many new possibilities.

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