What do you need?

It is undeniable that a big appeal for many looking to move to the Highlands is the idea of rural living. Whilst some are content with a bigger residential plot in a country village, others come through our door looking to trade city life for the whole farm lifestyle package.

They want chickens, horses, cows, a horse and maybe some alpacas.  They want kids to be able to ride motorbikes and climb trees and chase rabbits. And of course they want a shed.

Many believe that means they need 100 acres.

That’s great and very exciting.  We have some fabulous 100 acre blocks available. Some with dream houses ready to move in and others that offer a blank canvas ready to build a dream home.

However when I speak to those embarking on a tree change I think it is important to take the time to enquire in more depth about what exactly it is they are looking to achieve with their lifestyle change.

Because 100 acres is a good amount of land and sometimes it turns out to be more than the new ‘tree change’ convert really needs or wants.

As an agent it is my job to offer the best possible service to my clients and sometimes that service will include some insights into exactly what ‘farm life’ is all about.  It’s not that I am aiming to downsize a potential buyer – it’s that I want to help them make exactly the right decision to match their needs and their dreams.

And sometimes that might mean suggesting 25 acres or even 10 acres rather than 100.  We have many clients who want the full farm experience and are ready for all the excitement and responsibility that comes with a larger landholding. Those with less time and knowledge might be better with less acreage, at least until they get the hang of juggling work, life and farm animals.

As with any property sale our job is all about helping clients make an informed decision on what property is right for them.  Whether that turns out to be 100, 10 or one acre the best thing about the Highlands is there are magnificent options available in every category.  Just ask me and I’ll show you a few.

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