What should you expect?

Here’s a question for you. When you go to inspect a property what do you expect? I don’t mean of the property itself, I mean from the Agent hosting the inspection?  Do you like to be left on your own to explore the property or do you expect a guided tour?

What is the right level of engagement at an open for inspection? 

It can be a tricky situation for an Agent.  By definition it’s an ‘open for inspection’ which means anyone is invited to come along and view the property, so sure, come along and have a look around even if you’re not in the market to purchase.

But at the same time it’s my obligation as the Agent to do my very best to entice, engage and introduce everyone I can to the assets of each property I list and every property I open for inspection.

That’s my job and it’s why I host open for inspections.

As such I will collect names and contact details of everyone who looks through a property I open.  I will also take the time to chat to everyone to get a clear indication of their motivation for looking at the property. 

You might prefer to wander around the property at your leisure and that’s okay. I will leave you alone but first I need to do my job and that means I will need to take up some of your time to gather a true sense of what brought you to this property and what you’re looking for in a property more generally. 

I consider it my responsibility to be able to provide a comprehensive report to the vendors on the level of genuine interest in the property including honest feedback I have gathered on the price, value and styling. 

And there is a strong possibility that in the days following the inspection I will call you to follow up. Again, it is my responsibility to the vendor to ensure I have left no stone unturned in seeking the right buyer for their property.  The opinions of people interested enough to view a property are valuable even if they are not actively looking to purchase. 

So that’s what you should expect if you come along to one of my open for inspections.  The opportunity to see a great property, have a good look around and a chat with me about the local market, the property and your thoughts on both.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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