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I have spoken often about the fact that there continues to be a shortage of properties available for sale across the Highlands to meet buyer demand.  That’s great for vendors but it can be stressful for those looking to find a new home who find the options currently available don’t meet their needs.

It’s important to embark on your property search with the right tactics and the right attitude. Being prepared and being realistic will help ensure you don’t get demoralised, and perhaps even worse, that you don’t get desperate which can be dangerous when considering a significant property investment.

I’m sure it will come as no surprise to hear me say that when competition for properties is so strong, having a clear budget and your finance in place is essential. You need to move fast when you find the right property.  That’s a no-brainer.

What some may not consider is the benefit of making contact with an experienced local agent even before you embark on your property search. 

Many potential buyers don’t contact an agent until they have seen a property of interest and then they make the call.  My advice is get in touch with your preferred local agent as soon as you start contemplating looking for a new home.  Don’t wait and don’t look alone.

Of course Property Press and the internet are the obvious platforms to watch for new listings coming onto the market but there are real advantages to choosing a local agent and talking to them about your property requirements and budget.

The reality is for every property you see come online and advertised in Property Press there are many more in the process of coming online. By contacting an agent early you will get the early heads-up on new properties that might match your brief.

And don’t underestimate the valuable network and professional relationships a good local agent will have.

At McKillop we have a database of investors and home owners with whom our team of agents maintain regular contact. We take pride in developing trusting relationships with our clients which often extend beyond a single property purchase or sale.  We are privileged to work with our clients over many years to support their changing property needs and goals. 

With those contacts, our local knowledge and our reputation for securing great property deals, we have the ability to match the right property and the right property owner with a willing buyer. 

So if you are thinking of buying don’t wait until you see a property listing to get in contact with a property agent.  Our team of McKillop agents are ready to help, to ease the stress and find the right property for you.

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