What value a garden

The Highlands is renowned for the grace and splendour of the private and public gardens in our midst and Tulip Time is a great celebration of those amazing outdoor spaces. But can you guess how much a garden can add to the value of your home? 

A new report has found what many of you may have already known – that gardens and greenery add real value to your property.  And I’m talking serious dollars!

The research released in July by Planet Ark found Australians will pay up to $35,000 more, or an extra 7 percent of its value, for a home with a garden in a neighbourhood with trees and parks.

There is value in the borrowed landscape of a tree lined street and proximity to a pretty local park but taking the time to plant and care for a private garden will deliver real dollar returns on your property. 

I think that’s especially true in the Highlands. This area has such a strong association with gardens it attracts home buyers with an appreciation for and desire to have their own patch of garden magic.

Like preparing your home or sale it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to present your garden as a property feature.

I don’t claim to be a horticulture expert but over my years in real estate I have found that a garden usually needs a little bit of elbow grease rather than a whole lot of money to make it look inviting.   Mow the lawn, clip the hedges and weed out the rubbish.  Freshen up the garden beds with some nice mulch and cut down and remove any dead wood, plants and shrubs. 

Then step back and take a look because it might be worth investing in some new plants to fill any glaring gaps.  Perhaps a couple of feature trees to add a welcome touch to the entrance – if you put them in pots you can take them with you! 

When you have it looking smashing the last thing to consider is some outdoor furniture.  Again it doesn’t have to be fancy, a couple of chairs and a table will give prospective buyers a place to sit to enjoy the garden you have created.  

It will also give you a place to rest your weary bones with a glass of wine at the end of your day in the garden and a place to celebrate a successful property sale!

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