Where from? Where to?

When a new client walks through the doors of one of our offices across The Highlands our team like to take a bit of time to get to know them.  It’s not about being nosey, it’s about getting a clear understanding of how those clients see their future in the area.

Of course not every client is new.  As I have mentioned a good proportion of clients are people we help buy and sell and move at different times over different periods of time.

But for new clients I do find it fascinating to learn where they have come from and why they have specifically chosen the Highlands as their new destination of choice.

The most obvious two categories of newcomers are those with young families and retirees keen to escape Sydney but not leave it behind entirely.  Both those groups of people are choosing this area because it represents a quieter, easier lifestyle together with the more space and choice available for their hard earned and hard saved dollar.

We are also increasingly seeing people moving from the ACT to be closer to Sydney, still an easy drive to Canberra with a similar wonderful seasonal climate (although perhaps not as hot in Summer!).  The lure of a more seasonal climate is also strong for many choosing to move inland from the coast.

Schools are another key decider for families I meet who have chosen the Highlands as the setting for their new home.  It is a great reflection on our school leaders and teachers to have such a high standard of education available across both junior and high school years and both the public and private sectors.

But it isn’t just people seeking a rural idyll that are choosing the Highlands.  I have met many a couple looking to downsize to the Highlands from larger acreage further inland.  Those couples and families are seeking a smaller farm, with secure water and easier access to great quality services.

With our offices in Bowral, Mittagong and Robertson, and our team of experts in commercial, residential and rural property, McKillop has the ability to help identify the right property for the right client. 

We also work hard to maintain a diverse portfolio of listings based on our reputation for delivering the right results for our vendors.  That in turn enables our team to showcase potential buyers the full spectrum of properties available in this area.

Working in real estate is a great job and our team take great pride in achieving great outcomes for our diverse range of clients.

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