Winter Opportunity

There is no doubt Winter has arrived in The Highlands. It’s funny, we know it will come. We expect it will be cold, but I think even the most seasoned Highlands resident gets something of a shock when they wake to that first white frost and have to brace themselves against the icy wind that cuts like a knife, makes your eyes water and your ears hurt.

Whilst a large proportion of people seek The Highlands because of the fact this area experiences four distinct seasons you will find most locals will claim you don’t become an official Southern Highlands resident until you have survived a full Winter.

And I find it is in Winter that we see the emergence of a different type of property purchaser.

The buyers coming through the doors of our offices in Bowral, Robertson and Mittagong are here now because they understand the value of ‘Winter testing’ their resolve to move and ‘warmth testing’ any property they view!

To the real credit of those buyers, they recognise it is important to test the practicality of a property in those months when the temperature is low and the winds high.

But an equally important motivator behind braving the winter elements is the desire by buyers to beat the anticipated Spring surge in demand. Their aim is to have seen and settled on a new property before the Spring selling season starts.

That determination to buy now is why competition for property listed over Winter is still fierce. Our team have delivered fantastic Winter results for clients which is evidence that we no longer see the traditional slowdown in property sales over the colder months.

Don’t get me wrong.  I anticipate that even after such a strong Winter selling market that there will be a further spike in interest during Spring.  Not everyone is brave enough to face property inspections in a Highlands Winter, but those who do certainly do well to secure their property dream.

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