Word of Mouth

The power of social media in our society is undeniable and well documented but when it comes to real estate the real power remains in the old fashioned impact that is ‘word of mouth’.

We’re a nation obsessed with real estate. It’s a dinner party topic, a subject discussed at the footy, at the pub, on the side of the netball court, over coffee and at the office.

It isn’t just talk about value and return, auction clearance rates and sale price.  It’s also talk about two crucial factors in the real estate equation: Service and results.  Who gives it and who gets them.

I love those discussions. They’re crucial to my business. I listen and learn and always leave with something to think about and new ideas to improve the service and performance of the McKillop team.

Because the reality is ‘word of mouth’ opens the door to many new opportunities in real estate.

Sure we have opened our new office in Bowral to better service our clients and capture new interest in Southern Highlands property. The response has been overwhelming with huge numbers of people dropping by to discuss local property offerings and opportunities.

But the fact is many people walk through our office doors motivated by a personal recommendation or having heard via word on the street that we deliver good service and great results.

Now I love to capture the attention of the casual office drop-ins but I readily admit, an introduction on the back of a personal recommendation from an existing client is my absolute best.

It’s incredibly rewarding to know clients have been so satisfied with McKillop they’re prepared to tell a friend or colleague to give us a call.

That’s the ultimate compliment and the very best motivation to stay focussed on delivering the best to all our clients. So if you like what you see and like what we do, then feel free to spread the word!

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