Words to sell the dream

I’m in the business of property, not prose, but the copy we write to help market listings is very important. The aim is obviously to highlight the key features of the property but good copy sells the dream, not just the details.

And the really tricky bit is that it all has to be done all within a limited space and quite rigid format. The pictures set the scene but the words must tell the story.

As such every single word we choose to use is very carefully selected.

After inspecting a property I always leave incredibly enthusiastic and motivated about the potential I see that will appeal to buyers. Of course rarely is a property faultless but my job is to see and sell the good.

I sit down as soon as I can to write what I have seen because it’s great to get those good vibes down on paper. (Did you like how I used the word ‘vibe’ there?)

Yes I do use adjectives. Yes I know that reading some property descriptions can leave people in fits of laughter at the overuse of uncommon expressions, but sometimes it’s hard to find the right words to convey the detail with a degree of originality that will set the property apart.

You will find in the copy I write words like ‘spacious’ and ‘elegant’ and ‘stylish’. I think they’re useful words to convey a sense of quality. ‘Pristine’ reflects a clean, immaculately finished property. ‘Private’ is another common but important term because a key criteria for many buyers in the Highlands in not being overlooked.

I write to provide a guide. I’ll point out the best, the unique and the potential. What I won’t write is ‘renovators delight’, a phrase that now comes with an assumption it’s a dump! A property where the dwelling is less than perfect will have value worth highlighting other than the actual building.

It can be challenging to do full justice to all of the great listings I feel privileged to represent. Hopefully as people read what I’ve written they will get a good sense of the property and give me a call.

That’s what I’m aiming for anyway.

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