You can’t sell a secret

The importance of marketing a property can never be overstated.

The idea that a ‘property will sell itself’ is nice, but rarely does it happen.  Yes I know the recent buyer of the $50 million Packer mansion in Sydney bought without viewing the property, but let’s be honest. That is a very very unique situation!! 

People need to know about a property; to see it and hopefully imagine themselves living in it if they are ever going to think about buying it.

Some vendors are reluctant to promote their property and I understand that it can be a little overwhelming to put images of your private space ‘out there’ for all to see.  But to generate the greatest level of interest that is exactly what it needed:  All to see.

Because you can’t sell a secret.

I have explained in an earlier blog how valuable it can be to host open for inspections. Marketing is the vital first step in the careful process we, as Agents, undertake to build a profile of each property we list.

Our job is to tell the story of each property. To personally introduce it to our detailed database of contacts but also to ensure it is publicly positioned to peek the interest of parties who may only just be starting the journey to find a new home or investment.

That’s why, as well as our shop front exposure across our three offices in the Highlands we also host a unique McKillop property marketing space in a high traffic, high net worth location in Sydney’s Double Bay shopping precinct.  You would be amazed at the level of enquiry generated by that exposure.

McKillop tailors individual marketing packages that will maximise the right exposure for each property and support the intense in-person marketing undertaken by each of our agents.

There is no secret to the sales success achieved by our team. We secure results on the back of good contacts, great service and the best experience and know-how in the business.

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